Random Acts of Christmas Kindness – 2012

To help my kids (and me!) to focus on Jesus and others more this Christmas season, I had a couple things in mind.

First, we did the “Jesse Tree” with homemade paper ornaments and daily Bible reading (highly recommended)!

We also had different “Acts of Christmas Kindness” planned on to do throughout the month of December.  It was great to see the kids excited to do things for others and not focused too much on themselves.  Here are the things we were able to do (even despite me being 8 months pregnant!): Continue reading

CP – Neurological Update

Little Girl was her silly self today!  She was not wanting to sit still while we visited with the doctor!

The first thing he showed us was her MRI images, which were completely and totally amazing!  He said they were rather “boring” in that her brain is completely normal (ha!).  He showed us where there would be abnormalities in “typical” cerebral palsy patients, and she did not have any of those.  It was incredible to see the imaging and how detailed it all was!

Then after we shared her “story,” the doctor told us the following… Continue reading

Progress and Physical Therapy

The past three weeks or so, while it has held some challenges with Little Girl having seizures, she has shown some progress with walking!  We were hoping to get her AFO (ankle-foot orthotic) braces today, but there was some “miscommunication” and the physical therapist did not bring them up.  Prayerfully we will get them next week when we have a follow-up with her ophthalmologist and can pick them up at the Orthotic office!  They will  look a lot like this (only with purple straps instead of white)!

Continue reading

The MRI Day

It started out with an “early” trip the afternoon before due to an incoming snowstorm.  We were very glad we did not wait and end up being on the snowy/icy road very early in the morning.  This is what we went to bed to!

And the next morning we were again so thankful we were only five minutes away from the hospital and not two hours away! Continue reading


We had the appointment with the physiatrist last week!  It was a very positive appointment.  She diagnosed Little Girl “officially” with a very mild case of cerebral palsy (which we expected).

Treatment is not as involved as we had anticipated.  Little Girl does NOT yet need Botox shots in her leg muscles but may need them when she hits the major growth spurts between ages 3-5 and in adolescence.  It will be a constant adjustment until she is done growing.  She was fitted with leg braces that we will get in the next couple weeks.  These braces will hold her legs in the “flat foot” position so she can get some stability and stretching.  Prayerfully, this along with physical therapy will stretch out those muscles and help her walk steadily. Continue reading

A Scary Morning and a New Direction

This past Saturday started off like any other Saturday.  Kids were watching Curious George as my husband and I woke up slowly.  Little Girl woke up slightly cranky, so I signed “Eat?”

We sat down for some oatmeal, just she and I.  She seemed so whiny, and I thought of putting her back in her bed.  I just figured maybe her teeth hurt a little bit (getting those second molars in) and maybe just needed to wake up a bit more.

I looked behind me and said something to the bigger kids in the living room, and when I looked at Little Girl she was “zoning out.”  I called to her to give her another bite, and she didn’t even respond.  I touched her and she was just “not there” and was completely stiff.

I yelled her name and began to panic.  Thankfully my husband came running, and it clicked with both of us (mostly him as I was totally crying and scared) that she was having a seizure.  He took her as she was shaking and all that happens with a full seizure.  I called 9-1-1. Continue reading

“Strong One of God” and the beginning of our Journey with CP

Many of you may know some of our story.  Let me start at the very beginning.

I had a “normal” pregnancy with Little Girl until around 28 weeks.  At that time, I began to “measure small” and since I also did so with my son, the doctor said she would just keep an eye on it.  By 32 weeks, however, I went from measuring two weeks small to measuring three weeks small.  She ordered an ultrasound and talked with me about the possibility of having to do an emergency c-section (which also meant a helicopter ride to a high-risk facility since I was still so early) depending on what it showed.  Thankfully, it just showed a healthy but small baby girl.   By 36 weeks there was another ultrasound that estimated a weight of around 4 pounds.  The doctor met with me after the ultrasound, didn’t allow me to go to camp, and set me up to have fetal monitoring twice a week and an ultrasound once a week until I was 39 weeks.  She diagnosed me with intrauterine growth restriction.  I was induced at 39 weeks and delivered my beautiful baby girl weighing only 5 lb. 12 oz. Continue reading